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Here you will find more information about Rockwood Conservation Area.

Towering limestone cliffs, caves and glacial potholes are a few of the natural wonders found at Rockwood Conservation Area.

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Fee Schedule
If camping, your park admission fees are included.

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Map of Rockwood

The first four caches in Rockwood Conservation Area are/were as follows:
Slime Pit Cache (GC4AD8) by Andrew, Peter and Greg M (gmccracken), April 7, 2002 - May 19, 2005
This is the oldest cache within 10km. 4 stage multi.
Tellys Home (GC4FFE) by halldorr, April 21, 2002 - Active
This is the 4th oldest cache within 10km and oldest active cache.
KYLE'S BILLY GOATS GRUFF (GCKCVB) by NIMRODDS, August 27, 2004 - June 9, 2005
This is the 14th oldest cache within 10km.
Another Reason to Visit Rockwood Conservation Area (GCKDYY) by J.A.R.S., August 30, 2004 - September 8, 2004
This is the 16th oldest cache within 10km.