GHAGAFAP - Golden Horseshoe Area Geocachers And Friends Annual Picnic

Pot Luck Dinner

At the end of a fun filled day, GHAGAFAP has a Pot Luck dinner. If you are staying for the pot luck dinner and would like to bring something, please let either myself know or post a log on the event page with what you plan on bringing. See below for suggestions and to see what others plan on bringing. Roughly around 50-80 people stay for the pot luck dinner.

Some suggestions on what to bring:
Forks, spoons, knives
Paper plates
Main dish
Veggie tray
Fruit tray
Chocolate Chip Cookies ;)

The following is a list of items attendees have indicated that they will bring:
res2100 - Cups, Plates, assorted cans of pop
paperclips29 - Ham
Stonesfaninto - Cutlery and Napkins
TheBoz5 - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ally&Joe - Rice Krispie Squares
dolemite9 - Small BBQ with a big package of hot dawgs, handful of veggie burgers, etc.
MADD Momma - Moose/venison/beef meatloaf sandwiches
Oh Joy Oh Bliss I - Tray of veggies
Country_Girl78 - Bean salad
red headed fury - Pierogies and sausages
By Way - Basil Pesto Totelloni with added roasted chicken
dancer man - Cheese and cracker platter
DDTKR - Broccoli salad and penne with meatballs
A&C_Hildebrandt - Buns and butter
LastMinuteLarry - Caesar salad
dmlookhere & Pal63 - Watermelon and maybe something else too
Camroo - Cookies
Micd - Home Made Pecan Butter Tarts
mrslmojo - Salads
coalminefarmer - Greek pasta salad