The GHAGAFAP experience - How an attendee may spend their day


You are super excited to be attending GHAGAFAP for the first time as you have heard so many wonderful things about the event. You posted your Will Attend and have had the event listed on your calendar for several months already.


You have been following all the information posted about GHAGAFAP and have looked at the advance copy of the Welcome sheet and the vast list of cool prizes that are available to be won. This allows you to better plan how you want to spend the day at the event and know already which prizes you would like to try and win.


You wake up on event day and arrive at Rockwood Conservation Area. You pay the park entrance fee at the gate and proceed to the posted coordinates which are at the Pavilion.


The first thing you do is head over to the registration table to register and pick up your registration package which consists of the Welcome sheet, Ice Breaker activity sheet and GHAGAGolf info sheet. Even your kids get a special Kids Registration Gift redemption card.


Next you go over to the Prize Ticket table. You want to get extra tickets since there are so many cool prizes worth several thousands of dollars and you want to increase your chances of winning prizes. The kayak that is one of the grand prizes certainly would be awesome to win. You decide to buy a good amount of extra prize tickets and are even given an extra free gift or two with that. You see that there are also GHAGAFAP T-shirts available and buy one for $15 along with a couple other items. You had pre-purchased a GHAGAFAP Geocoin so pick that up too at the Prize Ticket table. You feel good because you are supporting a great event and wonder how GHAGAFAP continues to be free year after year and has so much to offer for the attendees. You have to wonder to yourself just how much time and work is involved to get around 200 prizes for the event and get everything else done too.


You continue on to give the prizes another glance to see if anything new has been added to the list. You pretty much know what you want to win and insert one half of each prize ticket (keeping the other half) into the various prizes boxes, each of which corresponds to its own prize. You are feeling really excited now.


The next thing you do is go over to the Activity table to pick up the various activity sheets for those that you want to take part in. That GHAGAGolf activity sure sounds interesting. GeoPoker also sounds like a lot of fun.


You already have the sheet for the Ice Breaker activity which was part of your registration package and start asking people to sign a square on it. It is so nice to meet all these other geocachers and even have some nice discussions about geocaching with them, perhaps making a connection with a new friend in hopes to get together in the future for a fun day of geocaching together.

You notice the Log Book for the event and make a point of signing it.


You also have a couple of trackables with you that you logged into the event already and head over to the Travel Bug table to drop off your trackables and perhaps see if there are any there to pick up that you can help move along.


Now for something fun for the kids. You take your kids to the Kids Treasure Hunt Adventure which is located in the grassy area behind the pavilion.  You will also find the photo booth there.


After socializing with a number of geocachers and even meeting the event host and a number of the wonderful volunteers, you decide it's time to have a bite to eat and sit down with your picnic lunch that you brought along for yourself and your family members.


It's time to head out onto the trails for a few hours to find some of the geocaches in the conservation area and take in the many wonderful geological features like the hundreds of glacial potholes here as well as the largest in North America. Wow, what an amazing place Rockwood is! You meet many other geocachers along the trails. They are finding the caches just like you are. You remember to ask a couple of them if they can sign one of the remaining squares on your Ice Breaker activity sheet. There are a number of earthcaches here that you want to visit too. You may have heard or read about the Cave Dweller (GC4M7P4) earthcache.


After a fun time taking part in various activities and caching, including seeing some very neat things inside the conservation area, you decide it's time to head back to the pavilion. You submit your completed activity sheets to the Activity table.


It's almost time for the Group Picture. You hear the announcement that it's time and along with all the other event attendees you make your way over to the photo area.


The grand prize draws are next! You are very excited. As you hold on tightly to your tickets, you listen attentively as the winning numbers are called out for each of the Grand Prizes and jump up in excitement as your number is called for one of these amazing prizes.


You see that the list of winners for the regular prizes have already been posted and check the lists to see if you are a winner. Sure enough you won 2 prizes consisting of a dinner for two in addition to another fabulous prize. You go to claim your prizes when you see it's less busy.


At the conclusion of the prize draws, some people decide to head home after a fun day at GHAGAFAP while yourself and others decide to stay for the Pot Luck Dinner. You go to your car to get the food that you brought to share. You take a plate and fill it with a variety of items that your fellow geocachers have brought to share. You and your family sit down beside another family of geocachers that you had just met today. Together you enjoy your meals and share some stories of the great day you all had today.


Before you leave, you decide to head over to the group camping area to enjoy a bit of the campfire and once again reminisce about all the fun you and your family had today at your very first GHAGAFAP event. Someone excitedly asks you if you are coming to the GHAGAFAP Car Rally the following day and you say of course as you have heard many wonderful things about how much fun the Car Rally is. In the meantime you consider joining the event host res2100 on a night hike around the park to visit Cave Dweller and the Devil's Well.


As you head home, you have a smile on your face as you and your family had such a wonderful time at GHAGAFAP, excited that you won a number of neat prizes, got some cool swag, including an official GHAGAFAP T-shirt and met so many like minded individuals who all enjoy geocaching. It was such a great event and you are already excited for next year's GHAGAFAP event!!!