GHAGAFAP - Golden Horseshoe Area Geocachers And Friends Annual Picnic

GHAGAFAP Currency Geocoins

These GHAGAFAP Geocoins were inspired by the Toonie (Canadian $2 coin) with the 2-tone metal and inscribed "Dei Gratia Rex Imperator" (King and Emperor by the grace of God) with King Gustov replacing Queen Elizabeth II. Only 100 geocoins in total were made and the tracking code with custom GH prefix are on the edge of the coins. This fantastic geocoin comes in 4 different versions as follows:

$13 - Antique Copper/Gold (Feathers are Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black)
$13 - Antique Silver/Gold (Feathers are Green, Yellow, Black)
$13 - Antique Bronze/Gold (Feathers are Red, White, Black)
$25 - LE Antique Gold/Gold (Feathers are Red, White, Purple. Maple Leaf is Glitter)
$38 - Set of 3 Regular Edition geocoins (Copper, Silver, Bronze)
$60 - Set of all 4 geocoins (Copper, Silver, Bronze, Limited Edition Gold)

To place your order, send me an email through my geocaching profile res2100 or click here to email res2100.

GHAGAFAP Gargoyle Geocoins

2 versions are available as follows:

$13 - Fabulous Fuchsia (Satin Gold)
$13 - Luscious Lime (Satin Silver)
$25 - Set of above 2 geocoins

Only 125 coins in total were made. These are quality geocoins, 1.75" in size using hard enamel paints and 3D die for Lord Greyson.

**Artwork by Middle Earthlings

And don't forget to get your GHAGAFAP Tshirts too.

Other geocoins available for purchase at GHAGAFAP:
$8 each - GC10000 (Gold or Copper), Toronto 2006, Bouncy Bunny
$9 each - GC10000 Limited Edition (Silver or Black Nickel)
$12 each - GC10000 XLE (Bronze) or Artist Proof
$10 each - GT Geobash (only 3 left)
$15 each - Donauschwaben-Schwarzwald XLE (Bronze or Nickel)

Pathtags from GHAGAFAP 11, 12, 13 and Chester micro geocoins are also available for $2 each.

Bison Tubes, GHAGAFAP Battery Holders and GHAGAFAP Keychains available for $1 each.
Bison Tubes also available in bulk: 50 Bison Tubes for $40.