GHAGAFAP - Golden Horseshoe Area Geocachers And Friends Annual Picnic

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q – What does GHAGAFAP mean?
A – GHAGAFAP are the initials for Golden Horseshoe Area Geocachers and Friends Annual Picnic. Originally started as Guelph Area Geocachers And Friends Annual Picnic in 2002 by TrimblesTrek, by the 3rd year GAGAFAP had evolved to so much more and saw attendees from all over the golden horseshoe area and beyond, that the name was changed to GHAGAFAP.

Q – How do I get tickets for the prizes?
A – There will be a prize ticket included in your event package. Additional prize tickets will be available for sale during the event. The proceeds from the sale of the prize tickets will go towards offsetting some of the costs associated with hosting GHAGAFAP.

Q – What do I do when I arrive at the event?
A – The first thing you should do is go to the registration table to register and pick up your FREE event package. It's a good idea to read the welcome sheet that is included with your event package. The welcome sheet is also available online in the days/weeks leading up to GHAGAFAP. You may also want to read A Day At GHAGAFAP: The GHAGAFAP experience - How an attendee may spend their day.

Q – When is GHAGAFAP each year?
A GHAGAFAP is usually on the 1st Saturday after Labour Day. This means that GHAGAFAP would be held anywhere from September 6th to September 12th. For 2019, GHAGAFAP 18 will be on September 7th, which is the first Saturday after Labour Day.

Q – Will there be a BBQ lunch again?
A Due to lack of interest and having an extremely large amount of burgers left over last year, in addition to the paperwork that is now required, there will no longer be a BBQ lunch available. Make sure you bring your own picnic lunch with you for the day. We will still be doing the Pot Luck dinner at the end of the event.

Q – How are you able to put on such a great event like GHAGAFAP every year and not charge any money to attend?
A – It costs a lot to do GHAGAFAP every year. Seeing a smile on everyone's face is what is important to us. We sell extra prize tickets to help cover some of our expenses. You can buy some prize tickets to help support the event so that we can continue to give attendees free items. We also sell geocoins and tshirts, but money raised from those is very minimal.

Q – Logo usage: What are the guidelines for using the GHAGAFAP logo?
A – The GHAGAFAP logo is free to use on any SWAG, giveaways, websites, documentation, etc, provided that it is used in a positive manner. If using the GHAGAFAP logo on any SWAG or other physical items, please donate one of each such item to the GHAGAFAP museum. You may contact res2100 to discuss the use of the GHAGAFAP logo.