GHAGAFAP - Golden Horseshoe Area Geocachers And Friends Annual Picnic


GHAGAFAP continues to offer many fun activities throughout the weekend. Here are just a few things to take part in:

Geocaching (We all love geocaching, so of course there will be plenty of caches to find)
Ice Breaker – Get to know your fellow cacher
Candy Jar guess
Kids Treasure Hunt Adventure
Photo Booth (pirate themed)
Put a pin on the map of where you are from
Camping (Friday and Saturday nights)
Pot luck dinner (Saturday at the end of the main event)
Car Rally (Sunday)


GHAGAGolf this year will be a combination of Frisbee Golf, 50/50 Draw and Closest to the Pin.
--The goal is to throw your Frisbee as close to the tee as you can get it.
--Frisbees are only 25 cents each or 25 for $5. Purchase your frisbees at the GHAGAGolf playing area.
--The Frisbees are yours to keep afterwards.
--Get as many Frisbees as you want. Stand at the starting "tee" (blue flag) and throw your Frisbee towards the "pin" (pink flag). One of our volunteers will measure how close you got.
--This activity ends at 3pm.
--The person who gets their Frisbee closest to the "pin" will win 1/2 of the money collected from this activity. I.e., if $100 was raised through this activity, then you will get $50 and the other $50 will go into the prize pool.

Ice Breaker

Get to know your fellow cacher.
--Get another cacher to sign a square that they qualify for.
--A cacher can only sign ONE square on your sheet.
--You may NOT sign your own sheet.
--Return the Ice Breaker sheet to the Activity Table by 3:00pm for your chance to win a prize.

Candy Jar Guess

Guess how many candies are in the jar. There will be 2 or 3 candy jars.
Closest guess without going over wins the jar of candies. Tie decided by random draw.

Kids Activity

Join the GHAGAFAP children's crew for an exciting treasure hunt adventure for children of all ages!

Maps and activity directions can be picked up at the picnic table in the kids area on the hill behind the pavilion. Follow the map, get your location stamps and try the challenges and activities along the way. If you can find the hidden treasure, you shall be rewarded with a pick of the bounty that it contains.

Bring your own team of 2 or 4 or come on your own and join a team of other treasure hunters. Pirate eye patches shall be provided and a pirate themed photo booth shall be set up so you and your team can capture a memory of your adventure.

Children under 10 must bring a parent or sibling over the age of 12 with them.

The fun starts at 11:00 am and teams will start 15 minutes apart. You can sign up for a time and come back later if you wish. Last team will leave the starting post at 1:45 pm.

Looking forward to seeing lots of treasure hunters.

*Activities may end early in case of circumstances that may be out of our control.

GHAGAFAP - Canada's longest running annual geocaching event.
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